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Patrick's GoFundMe

Postby Razorwalker » August 9th, 2016, 6:14 pm

Hey all,

Sorry I've not been in-game much lately, just a lot of stuff going on real world to deal with and had to sell my monitors to help pay bills, so down to one small screen that is taking a lot of adjusting to use :)

Anyways, the reason I am posting is that I have a major surgery coming up soon and continued medical expenses that are really tough on me right now. People in the past have asked if they could help and now you can IF you want to, no obligation to do so and no hard feelings if you do not. I know that times are tough everywhere :) So, if you want to help, Here is a GoFundMe account that I have setup for donations. My most immediate need is a pair of eyeglasses to help me see! LOL. Locally, my prescription is almost $300 USD, but I've found a place online that will fill my prescription for about $125 USD, called Zenni Optical. Other than that, nothing right away other than medication refills and gas back and forth to doctors appointments.

So, Thanks in advance if you are able to help and again, no hard feelings if no one is able. Hope to be back in-game on a regular basis soon :)

Patrick "Razorwalker" Lynch
aka Mara Razorwalker :)

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